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What does Tlatlauquitepec taste like?


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The gastronomy of this Pueblo Mágico nestled in the Sierra Poblana is simple in its ingredients but deep in its flavors due to the quality of its products. With recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, here the cuisine is a reason for joy and celebration.

Tlatlauquitepec is characterized for being a Pueblo Mágico with extensive areas of green landscapes, reason why it is considered the garden of the Sierra Poblana.

This Pueblo Mágico poblano has a variety of climates in its territory that, due to its location, make its land even richer. From warm to humid with periodic rains throughout the year, the climate varies in its different zones, as in its northern part when it is mostly semi-warm and humid.

The central part is humid with rains all year round, but it is even more abundant during the summer as well as in its southern strip where it is temperate sub-humid. The southeastern mountainous zone has a semi-cold sub-humid climate with rains in summer.

In this territory of diverse latitudes its fertile lands give the town products nourished by its soil and favorable climate. Its fruits have given origin to the most exquisite snacks of diverse forms for the taste of all.

The aromas emanating from the comales and casseroles in Tlatlauquitepec are hard to resist. There, local dishes are mixed and cooked into tremendous delicacies, regardless of whether it is a simple snack or a ceremonial dish in honor of an event of social importance or a religious deity.

Many cooking practices are still preserved that, from generation to generation, have come down to the present from pre-Hispanic times. Culinary traditions include the use of legumes, quelites, corn, fruits, meats and ancestral techniques.

In this Pueblo Mágico you have to come to enjoy with all five senses, open your mind and stomach to its flavors to understand more about its culture and traditions. No matter what time of day you find a food stand in its streets, don’t miss the opportunity to explore!

Corn Antojitos

Antojitos are snacks to enjoy at any time of the day. Their base is corn and their shape gives them different names. When you arrive you should look for the famous garnachas, a kind of enchiladas fried in lard with beef, onion and potato. This delicacy is ideal for dinner, you will find it outside the Municipal Market starting at 8:00 pm.

The tlayoyos that bring joy to passers-by in Tlatlauquitepec are filled with potatoes, beans, peas and broad beans. You can enjoy them equally on the street corners, the North Portal of the Municipal Park (known as Portal Morelos), the Municipal Market, some restaurants or find them in the traditional tianguis that has been held in the Plaza de Armas since pre-Hispanic times.

Los Tlayoyos doña Tere also offers sweet and salty cottage cheese and chicharrón stuffing. In this establishment the enjoyment extends with the mole de guajolote, mole de torta de camarón, chilpozonte de menudos de pollo (broth with chile, tomato and epazote) and the pancita de res con pata.

Delicacies for the whole day

There will be no time to neglect your craving. From the first minutes of the day your appetite will be awakened by the aroma of bread baked in a wood oven or cookies that you can enjoy with a hot chocolate, coffee or atole de masa that is prepared here.

The tamales you must try here are the tender bean tamales, pintitos. For lunch you will already have your stomach ready to delight with a lamb barbecue or itacate, a kind of cake with corn tortilla, beans, hard-boiled egg and jerky, wrapped in banana leaf.

Trout or carp is another of the typical dishes of Tlatlahuquitepec, prepared in different ways that can be accompanied with a cured pulque, which is so deliciously elaborated here. A handmade snow will be the best combination for this dream menu.

Beef chilpozonte, a broth prepared with vegetables in a clay pot, will be the most comforting thing you can try here, especially when the rain is pouring down and the cold increases the craving for something warm.

In this Pueblo Mágico the wood-smoked meats are also very popular (ribs, loin, longaniza, cueritos). Here you should also try the smoked and pressed chickens, spiced up with chiltepín.

In some restaurants it is possible to enjoy the flavors that accompany the celebrations such as its mushroom mole in the rainy season or the mole ranchero that is so deliciously eaten here. This, unlike the mole poblano, is very spicy due to the variety of chiles used in its preparation.

The different stews are accompanied by warm tortillas fresh from the comal and the different sauces that are prepared molcajeteadas and picositas.

If you go to the markets you can learn about and try other local foods such as chayoteste, the root of the chayote, which is eaten cooked or stewed. In the rainy season they add xocoyol to mole de olla, an herb that gives it a very special flavor.

Sweet delicacies

For dessert ask for calabaza de castilla in piloncillo, gaznate, pan con manjar, cocada, macaroni, jamoncillo, pepitorias, polvorones and plum jam. Coconut lemons will be your new favorite candy and you can take home a variety of crystallized fruits, such as pumpkins, oranges, prickly pears, pineapples, sweet potatoes, figs and chilacayotes.

You can accompany it with a locally produced liqueur: anise, capulin, guava, fig, sherry, passion fruit, tejocote, lemon balm or vanilla.

Be sure to try the Yolixpa liqueur, prepared by artisans from Tlatlauquén, using unique methods and ingredients grown in their backyards.

Where to eat

*⋄ Casa Romano. This is one of the places in Tlatlauquitepec where you can taste the traditional flavors in an ideal environment to go with friends or in romance. You can enjoy tlayoyos with jerky or the traditional mole ranchero. Av. Reforma 5, Downtown.

*⋄ Azotea Cerro Rojo. For a special and delicious moment you must visit this restaurant that boasts a beautiful panoramic view. It is located on the terrace of the Hotel & Suites Cerro Rojo, with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here they also offer different experiences to get to know the Pueblo Mágico. 155 Reforma Ave.

*⋄ El Callejón. A relaxed place to enjoy unpretentious food and different from what other traditional places offer. Here you can enjoy a hamburger and refresh yourself with a michelada. Revolución 49, Centro.

*⋄ Terra. A restaurant and bar with affordable prices and a wide menu for all tastes. It has a garden ideal for breakfast and to enjoy the morning. Ambrosio L del Castillo 1, Centro.

Cocina Tradicional Doña Tere
. Homemade and delicious food. It is one of the typical places to eat in this Pueblo Mágico. Av. Revolución 49, Centro.

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