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Tlatlauquitepec Fair, the best way to celebrate the national holidays


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With music, lights and many events, Tlatlauquitepec is undoubtedly one of the best options to experience the national holidays.

Surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, lively and cheerful colors, delicious gastronomy, traditions, folklore and handicrafts, this Pueblo Magico is the perfect setting to enjoy the national holidays that take place during the month of September in our country.

Besides being a cheerful town by nature, with friendly and warm people, with streets full of life that hide treasures such as handicrafts and gastronomy of the region, Tlatlauquitepec dresses up during September.

Every year one of the most important festivities of this Pueblo Magico is celebrated. It usually lasts for a week, during which it is used to give the famous shout and commemorate the Independence of Mexico.

Without a doubt, the month of September is one of the best seasons to visit this destination in the Sierra Norte de Puebla. It is located less than four hours from Mexico City, which makes it a perfect getaway to get away from the routine and delve into the culture and tradition of this region of Puebla.

This is how to experience
the tricolor joy
of September

The fog that characterizes the landscapes of this Pueblo Magico begins to mix with the lights of the mechanical games when September arrives.

The music begins to be heard and the joy permeates the streets and the spirit of its inhabitants. For many, the Tlatlauquitepec Fair is the most awaited celebration of the year, as the town prepares to receive approximately 10,000 visitors who come to commemorate one of the most important dates of our country: the Independence of Mexico. 

This celebration is a perfect blend of tradition, culture and fun. Each of the fair’s events guide the visitor through a journey of sensations, smells and unique flavors of this beautiful Pueblo Magico. Undoubtedly, it is a unique encounter with the depths of the region and a perfect opportunity to get involved in the joy of the national holidays.

The Tlatlauquitepec Fair has more than 100 years of tradition and each edition renews the program of activities, events and artists that are presented.

Nevertheless, the most typical and characteristic of the town is preserved, such as its handicraft and gastronomic samples, the coronation of the queen of the fair and the traditional dances.

Party, music, good food,
culture and much more…
The Tlatlauquitepec Fair
has it all!

From showing the beauty of the women of Tlatlauquitepec, to tasting the flavors of the regional food. Although the program varies from year to year, it is important to emphasize that the traditions endure, as well as the cultural displays that enhance the pride of this Pueblo Magico.

One of the most important events for the locals is the coronation of the queen of the fair. An event that proudly shows the beauty of the women from Tlatlauquitepec.

Another event that shows the love and taste we feel for Mexican food and that does not change with each edition is the chiles en nogada contest, a sample of the delicious local gastronomy. Undoubtedly, tasting the flavors of Puebla is one of the best activities you can do in this region.

At the Tlatlauquitepec Fair, food is the guest of honor. Here, in addition to tasting the traditional chiles en nogada, characteristic of the month of September, you can try tamales, snacks, pozole, enchiladas, garnachas and the traditional mole poblano, which is characterized by its sweet and spicy touch.

A mixture of flavors and smells are wrapped to create unique culinary experiences and offer visitors the best of Puebla’s cuisine.

In addition to the food, the parade and the crowning of the queen, the fair features a variety of cultural, sporting and artistic events. There is also a program for the presentation of different artists.

And, of course, you cannot miss the traditional Grito de Independencia, which takes place in the municipal presidency, and in which year after year, a fireworks show is performed and the lights of the churches and bridges are turned on, making it a magical experience.

Are you ready to experience
the Tlatlauquitepec Fair?



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