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La Soledad Dam

An adventure in the heart of nature


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Nestled in the canyon of the Apulco River, in the lower area of Tlatlauquitepec, is the also known as Mazatepec Dam, a hydroelectric complex inaugurated in 1962, officially named Adolfo Ruíz Cortines.

Today, the dam is named La Soledad after a former hacienda of the same name. A gold and silver mine was located here, very close to the Coatectzin hill (Cerro Coatectzin), whose name gives life to the legend of the lover of Malinche or Malintzin who was attacked while following her when Hernán Cortés took her on his way to Mexico City.

Boat trips, sailing
towards serenity

One of the main attractions of La Soledad dam, are the boat trips, because they offer a panoramic view of the crystalline waters and the environment that is painted green by the extensive vegetation, and where the trees are blurred in the mist, revealing the high peaks of the mountains.

The riverbed of La Soledad dam, which emerges as a hidden treasure barely touched by the hand of man, and with the natural charm that only time knows how to preserve, invites you to navigate a three-mile-long path to explore and make the attractions of this aquatic jewel your own.

you can find:

⁎*⋄Rowing boat
⁎*⋄Motorcycle or horseback riding

Not to be missed

⁎*⋄Throw yourself into a 400-meter free fall, and rappel down the cliff at the Puente de la Soledad.

⁎*⋄You’ll be happy to know that the routes are pet friendly, so bring your best furry friend.

⁎*⋄Visit ‘the little beach of the three colors, in the community of Macuilquila, where the sand combines with the crystalline water reflecting three different colors. You can also practice swimming, hiking, paddle boat tours and horseback riding.

Scenarios where the adrenaline flows
the adrenaline flows

  If you decide to embark on the adventure from the water, Takiskiany is one of the main and busiest piers where there are roofed boats to cover you from the sun during the day, and open boats that allow you to see the stars on night trips.If you decide to embark on the adventure from the water, Takiskiany is one of the main and busiest piers where there are roofed boats to cover you from the sun during the day, and open boats that allow you to see the stars on night trips.

You can also do it from El Papalote Ecotourism Complex, a pier where lush nature embraces you in a green mantle. Here the scenery changes a bit, because you can kayak along the lagoon and see cabins peeking out of the forest.

During the tours you can admire wildlife such as ducks, herons, among others.

In all areas there are local guides who know every single part of the area and can accompany you on your walk, and help you discover places, stories, and curious facts that will enrich your experience.

Infinite green:
hidden vegetation and waterfalls

The surrounding mountainsides are home to dense forests with diverse fauna, ranging from small birds and mammals, to dancing butterflies that you can admire in one of the great attractions that continue the course of the dam: the waterfalls.

Here we recommend nine waterfalls you can visit and the ecotourism activities you can do in them to get an adrenaline rush. Dare to live a multi-sensory experience among the roar of the water falling from the top of the mountain range.

1 ⁎*⋄ Puxtla  Waterfall
(260 ft. high), rappel and hiking.

2 ⁎*⋄ Tenexate Waterfall
(100 ft. high), rappel and hiking. 

3 ⁎*⋄ Túnel Waterfall
(30 ft. high), rappel and hiking.

4 ⁎*⋄ Jilotepec Waterfall
(260 ft. high), hiking.

5 ⁎*⋄ La Rinconada Waterfall
(195 ft. high), admire the formation of five rainbows.

6 ⁎*⋄  Yolotzin Waterfall
(100 ft. high), canyoning and hiking.

7 ⁎*⋄ El Infiernillo Waterfall
(390 ft. high), hiking.

8 ⁎*⋄ El Canal Waterfall 
(250 ft. high), hiking.

9 ⁎*⋄ La Escondida Waterfall
(50 ft. high), hiking. At 1.2 miles you can visit a wall of petroglyphs.

Excitement in the bowels
of the Earth

This is the ideal experience for thrill seekers. Visiting the caves near the dam is an activity not to be missed.

There are caves in the region that hold enigmatic stories, among them the Oyameles cave, where it is believed that a volcano once existed. It is also said that it was a tunnel that went from Teziutlán to Mexico City, with large shipments of gold.

This cave is located at a distance of 36 miles from the dam, that is, 1 hour and 20 minutes. It is one of the farthest from the dam.

There is also the El Tigre cave, where you can observe formations of columns, stalactites, stalagmites, and ammonites, as well as impressive crystal formations and some endemic fauna. It is the closest cave to the dam and is located 7.5 miles away, that is, only 25 minutes away.

Here are some other caves you can visit in Tlatlauquitepec, with the guidance of experts in the region you can practice speleotourism and enjoy these geological wonders.

⁎*⋄ Cave of Tzinacantepec or
“Cueva de los Murciélagos” (Cave of the Bats).

⁎*⋄ Pastel del Rey Cave
at Cabezón Hill

⁎*⋄ Tepehican Cave

⁎*⋄ Rayito Cave

⁎*⋄ La Encantada
Cave in Cabezón Hill

⁎*⋄ Jilotepec Cave

Visit Tlatlauquitepec
and discover its true magic

Undoubtedly, the tours at La Soledad Dam connect you with nature. Here you will find activities for all tastes and interests, experiences that range from a contemplative and serene atmosphere, to adventures among waterfalls and caves that awaken your intrepid spirit, an unforgettable experience for every traveler!

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