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El Rincón de los Recuerdos

Tlatlauquitepec is known for its natural beauty, but also for its cultural legacy that deserves to be explored.


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A peculiar museum

Any object has the ability to evoke memories and emotions in people. El Rincón de los Recuerdos has a collection of pre-Hispanic pieces, artifacts, photographs, antique weapons, tools, and products, however, what stands out the most are the stories, those that revive feelings buried in individual and collective memory

Framed Stories

Once you look at the objects in the exhibition, you inevitably begin to imagine what those times were like and wonder, to whom would such and such a thing belong? Once you look at the objects in the exhibition, you inevitably begin to imagine what those times were like and wonder, to whom would such and such a thing belong?

You look with different eyes at the protagonists of old pictures, only to wonder how they would have lived at that time, with whom they would have been in love, what would have been their afflictions, their longings, their happy thoughts?

That and more evokes this museum, which lets you discover stories that would seem unlikely, but that —with the same data that accompany it— give credibility or leave lit the candle of mystery.

On the verge of memories

El Rincón de los Recuerdos has a peculiarity that makes it stand out, and that is that it is a museum located inside the Boutique Hotel San Jorge, which welcomes guests with 14 rooms in the heart of Tlatlauquitepec and that within its past keeps many more stories.

María Teresa Lara del Pino
sister of ‘El Flaco de Oro’

Taking up the stories, there is one that is among the most curious and involves Jorge Alberto Guzmán, owner of the hotel-boutique-museum, and the memory of María Teresa Lara del Pino, a talented woman who was born in Tlatlauquitepec in 1904.

María Teresa was the lyricist and composer of several songs that her brother Agustín Lara, ‘El Flaco de Oro’, immortalized with his voice.

In particular, María Teresa has more than 50 compositions in her repertoire, songs such as “Veracruz”, “Noche de ronda”, “Amor de mis amores”, “Piensa en mí”, “Azul” and “Te quiero”, among others that have gone around the world.

María Teresa Lara,
an almost forgotten talent

Like her brother, Maria Teresa Lara lived in Mexico City and Tlacotalpan, although she spent most of her life in Tlatlauquitepec, she saw Agustin with some frequency, especially at the end of the year

Maria Teresa was known to many people for being the wife of Nicanor Guzman, great uncle of Don Jorge Alberto Guzman, leaving her memories in the Rincón de los Recuerdos for many years.

You should definitely go to the museum to listen to don Jorge’s narration in his own voice, with writings and photographs, which will also make you smile with the anecdotes he remembers living alongside these great artists.

In Tlatlauquitepec María is fondly remembered, so much so that a few years ago a commemorative statue was placed in the Municipal Park of this beautiful Pueblo Mágico.

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