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Live the adventure in the Pueblo Mágico of Tlatlauquitepec

A place full of stories and adventures. Do you dare to live them?


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Start the morning surrounded by breathtaking scenery, beautiful streets and the promise of an unparalleled adventure. Drink a delicious coffee in one of the downtown restaurants, take into account that Tlatlauquitepec is located in the Sierra Norte de Puebla, a coffee region by excellence, so you can’t miss the opportunity to try this drink.

For breakfast, some tlayoyos are essential and if you are a lover of ecotourism and adrenaline, this Pueblo Magico is all you need, because Tlatlauquitepec is surrounded by natural landscapes that offer the opportunity to live unique experiences full of emotion.

Come and discover
the wonders of
Pueblo Mágico!

Cerro Cabezón, a paradise
for nature lovers

Zip lines, caves, rappel, and even a suspension bridge. Experience the adrenaline! In the heart of the Sierra Norte de Puebla is the Cerro Cabezón, just 15 minutes from the center of Tlatlauquitepec, offering a wide range of adventures, from rappelling to a Tibetan bridge that crosses the clouds.

One of the emblems of this Pueblo Magico is undoubtedly the Cerro Cabezón, a natural formation with a peculiar shape that resembles the profile of a man facing the sky, hence its name, which translates as “Big Headed Hill”.

In this place you will be able to find diverse experiences that will make you not only connect with the nature of the area, but also venture into breathtaking landscapes, walk on the clouds or venture on zip lines that cross the treetops.

Tibetan suspension bridge
between clouds

✦ Stroll among the clouds and observe breathtaking landscapes.This peculiar attraction in Mexico hangs over the landscapes of the Cerro Cabezón. It is 164 yards long, one of the longest in Mexico and has a height of 1,4 miles above sea level.

This kind of bridge is known as Tibetan, because it is made with two ropes, one that supports the feet and the other to hold on with the hands. Since it does not have lateral barriers, it is crossed attached to a harness as a safety measure. It is also called this way due to the region of Tibet where the most impressive suspension bridges are located.

Crossing this bridge guarantees that you will be able to enjoy incredible landscapes and admire the treetops from the heights. Thanks to Tlatlauquitepec’s climate, you will be able to walk among the clouds, as there is a lot of fog. If you are a fan of high-altitude experiences, you have to experience it.

Also, during some seasons of the year, the bridge is illuminated and you can cross it in the mystery and sounds of the night.

Soar over the skies on a zipline

Now, if you really like heights, speed, and want to venture even more, you should encourage yourself to cross the zip lines that are located in the Cerro Cabezón.

Between the cliffs and the mist, you will be able to cross the skies, while observing the cloudy landscape.

Right next to the Tibetan bridge, you will find two zipline circuits to complete your experience: one is 160 yards long and the other is 220 yards long. These circuits are the longest in the northeastern region.

Many more adventures!

Likewise, there are many more adventures to be had on the hill. For example, if you are brave enough, you must dare to go down a 200-feet high cliff, in what is known as the nose of Cerro Cabezon.

In this activity you will have the support and guidance of instructors so it is totally safe and you do not need to have experience. We recommend the service of Yecahtzoltepec’s guides, who have vast experience to offer you the best of adventures.

Also, if you are looking for a totally fun experience with your friends, you can play gotcha among the nature of the hill. Can you imagine advancing through the trees, hiding and running to put into practice the attack strategies? Undoubtedly this is one of the best scenarios to live this game and feel the adrenaline and excitement.

Another great adventure that you can experience in Cerro del Cabezón, specifically in the place known as El Caracol, is to ride through the wooded trails on a mountain bike.

This experience is a perfect combination of adrenaline, physical challenges and connection with nature. If you are looking for strong emotions and adventure in a natural world that will challenge you and give you unparalleled moments, you have to live this adventure!

On the contrary, if you are looking for equally exciting but quieter activities, there is the possibility of taking a quad or horseback ride to explore the secrets of this scenery. You can even camp to enjoy a night of stars and tranquillity.

And to fully connect with nature and the mountain, sometimes there are yoga and meditation sessions.

Discover the impressive
Puxtla waterfall

Explore one of the most impressive landscapes of Tlatlauquitepec. Do you like hiking and exploring nature? You have to discover the Puxtla waterfall. It is located just 20 minutes from the city center, at kilometer 7 of the Tlatlauquitepec-Mazatepec highway.

It is the perfect place to connect with nature and observe one of the wonders of the region, because this waterfall has a height of approximately 260 feet high and is an almost virgin area.

To get here, you will have to take a detour at kilometer 7 of the highway, where you can leave your vehicle. Now, you will have to go downhill for approximately 30 minutes. We recommend you wear comfortable shoes suitable for the mountain, because the road has not been intervened, so you will find trails of stone, silt, and vegetation.

Once at the waterfall, you can enjoy the scenery and practice extreme sports such as rappelling or canyoning. Undoubtedly, it is a great scenario to live an adventure out of the routine.

We recommend you bring a change of clothes because you will probably get wet, as well as repellent, preferably biodegradable, and a jacket or raincoat.


Explore the Soledad Canyon

 And of course Tlatlauquitepec has even more adventures to offer. The Soledad Canyon is a natural formation that was left over from the uninterrupted flow of a river to build the La Soledad dam.

Getting here is already an adventure in itself, since you have to cross a suspension bridge that stands approximately 500-foot high, which you will have to descend to reach the bottom of the canyon.   

We assure you that you will enjoy every moment of this tour, as it offers unique panoramic views. We recommend you bring your camera and be aware of the flora and fauna of the area. You can also enjoy kayaking or rappel down the El Tenexate waterfall, which has a 100-foot drop.

More opportunities to connect with nature in this Pueblo Mágico!

Enter the depths of its caves!

Besides the waterfalls, the hill, and the dam; the charm of Tlatlauquitepec also resides in the interior of the earth, in its caves. That’s right, in this Pueblo Magico you can also go spelunking.

The main caves that are located in the Garden of the Sierra Poblana and offer adventure experiences are:

⁎*⋄ The cave of the Bats in Tzinacantepec: which has an entrance of 65-foot high and 20-foot wide. In this place you will be able to rappel down into the cave.

⁎*⋄ The Tiger Cave: possibly the most popular cave in the area, as it has incredible formations of columns, stalactites, stalagmites, and ammonites. It is also home to endemic fauna.

⁎*⋄ Cueva de Oyameles: It is believed that in this peculiar cave there used to be a volcano. Nowadays, it has a great geological background that makes its visit more interesting.Cueva de Oyameles: It is believed that in this peculiar cave there used to be a volcano. Nowadays, it has a great geological background that makes its visit more interesting.

⁎*⋄ Tepehican Cave: the peculiarity of this place is that, during the rainy season, you can see a stream of water inside the cave. It is 500 yards deep and 20 feet wide.

Other caves that can be explored are Pastel de Rey Cave, Rayito Cave, Cerro Cabezón Cave, La Encantada Cave and Jilotepec Cave.

Undoubtedly, this region offers so many wonders to explore and delve into the depths as well as climb to the heights of its misty skies. Are you up for it?

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