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Nature and fauna

Sustainable experience with fireflies


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Firefly watching
from the water, a unique encounter
with the magic of the night

Nature has dazzled the human eye with its amazing phenomenon to remind us of the magic and beauty born from the depths of our environment, and this is how it happens in the quiet and serene La Soledad dam between May and August every year, when the night becomes a canvas for a luminous spectacle starring thousands of fireflies.

A glimpse into the nocturnal
world of fireflies

In this region of Tlatlauquitepec we can appreciate a wooded ecosystem full of pine trees, oyamel trees, and wetlands that make a whole ecosystem suitable for fireflies, also known as “lampyrids”, “cucuaches” or “cocuyos”, to open us a window to learn about their fascinating nocturnal world.

Sparkles in the dark

✦  Fireflies are insects of the beetle family and their scientific name is macrolampis palaciosi. Adults live for about a week and only in the summer months. The larvae live up to two years hidden in the soil, where they feed on snails.

a nocturnal language

The variety of light of these species, exclusive to the tropics of the American continent, is the greatest among bioluminescent insects: there are species whose brightness is blue, in others it is green, yellow, orange, or red, and they use light to attract a mate or prey and also to ward off predators.

The species found at La Soledad dam are photurinae, luciolinae, lampyridae, and primitive, which when they are young are found at the top of the trees, and as they approach their final life cycle, they descend while leaving their eggs among the branches.

Boat tour
of La Soledad Dam

To enjoy this firefly watching, we recommend a guided tour with the boatmen themselves or local companies committed to respect this wildlife and the environment, so you can enjoy this experience in a responsible and conscious way. 

The tours take place during the firefly season, starting in May and concluding in August, at 6 and 8 P.M. you will be able to board a rowing boat, wearing a lifejacket during the 1-hour tour.

A captivating experience

The warm summer evenings surrender to the soft night breeze that covers the region with gloom. The murmurs that accompany this moment fade before the first flashing flickers of the fireflies.

It is then when the spectators’ gaze sharpens to find those sources of light that emerge from the trees, which at that moment are transformed into faint shadows of darkness.

Then, with the gaze in motion while the boat that had been boarded at dusk sails through the channel of calm waters of La Soledad dam, the blackness of the night already reveals the patterns of light that descend to the earth and remain suspended between the foliage and the edges of the water, like silver sparks that reflect the stars in the sky.

Don’t take out the camera,
live the experience

Before this spectacular scenery of nature, the first thing you will want to do is to raise your cell phone or camera to capture this ephemeral moment, but no device will capture the magnificence and excitement of seeing what is out there, being there in person.

Here we leave you some recommendations to continue preserving this space free of light pollution, and to continue enjoying this natural phenomenon in its maximum splendor.

A sustainable experience

Fireflies are sensitive to light pollution, and to the loss of habitat due to human development, which would cause an imbalance in the nocturnal ecosystem, so four recommendations are essential for your visit:

⁎*⋄ Do not use industrial mosquito repellent
⁎*⋄ Do not use light on firefly watching tours
⁎*⋄ Respect the established trails
⁎*⋄ Photos without flash

Embark on this unforgettable journey from two piers and do more activities during the day.

Takiskiany Pier

⁎*⋄ Boat Ride
⁎*⋄ Hiking
Firefly watching
Flora and fauna watching
Horseback riding

Luciérnagas package

⁎*⋄ Rowing boat tour 1. 6:00 P.M.
⁎*⋄ Paddle boat tour 2. 8:00 P.M.
⁎*⋄ Cost of the tour: MX$250.00 per person
⁎*⋄ Cost of the tour + Coffee + bread + campfire: MX$260.00
⁎*⋄ Cost of tent: MX$100 (2 persons)

⁎*⋄ How to get there

 Papalote Pier
Ecotourism Resort

⁎*⋄ Entrance fee MX$15
⁎*⋄ Boat ride MX$100
⁎*⋄ Kayak tour MX$150
⁎*⋄ Camping area MX$130

In addition, they offer you the exciting opportunity to see fireflies for only MX$250. And if you come as a group, they have special discounts for groups of more than 10 people!

The tours last 1 hour, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the surrounding natural environment. And if you want to enjoy the full experience, the camping area is perfect for spending the night under the stars. The camping area includes the necessary firewood to light a campfire and make the night a magical moment.


⁎*⋄  Reservations for either tour must be made at least 2 weeks in advance.
⁎*⋄  If you take your pet with you, make sure it is on a leash.
⁎*⋄  If you take a private vehicle, please brake with the engine.
⁎*⋄  The transfer time from the center to the dam is approximately 50 minutes with an altitude of 1900 to 600 meters above sea level.
⁎*⋄  The capacity is 5 people per rowing boat, which offers you an ecological experience.
⁎*⋄  If you are looking for lodging near La Soledad dam, you can book at Bella Terra or Rancho el Andén cabins.

Firefly watching at La Soledad Dam is a unique experience in Mexico, that you must do at least once in your life.

Take this tour where a boat gently glides through the water while the absorbing darkness of the night reflects the flickering lights that the fireflies unwittingly give us, as if they were stars coming down to earth, just to accompany you on a quiet but impressive journey through the water.

Come and experience this reminder of beauty, where the boat becomes a dream ship, and the eyes shine with the smiling sparkles of nature.

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